Chicago’s Second Place Win in Best Cities Ranking

Chicago is celebrating its recent achievement as the second-best city in the United States, a distinction awarded by World’s Best Cities. This recognition underscores Chicago’s lively atmosphere, renowned for its outstanding dining, diverse entertainment, and stunning views.

Resonance, the organization responsible for the rankings, evaluated metropolitan areas with populations exceeding 500,000, using both user-generated feedback and core statistical data to assess overall quality of life. New York claimed the top position, with Chicago closely trailing at number two.

Beyond its overall ranking, Chicago excelled in specific categories, securing the top spot for best convention centers and earning second place for its vibrant nightlife scene. On a global scale, Chicago also made an impressive mark, ranking 16th on the World’s Best Cities list.

Despite challenges stemming from the 2020 pandemic, Chicago has rebounded robustly. The city has emerged as a center of productivity, boasting the nation’s second-highest concentration of Fortune 500 headquarters after New York. Chicago also ranks among the top five nationally in metrics of job availability, patent creation, and professional services.

Looking ahead, Chicagoans can anticipate a bustling calendar of events, including a multitude of summer festivals, the upcoming 20th anniversary celebration of Millennium Park, and the opening of the second global location of the Guinness Open Gate Brewery in West Loop, a testament to the city’s rich brewing tradition.

Recent additions like The Salt Shed, a new music venue housed in the former Morton Salt factory, further enrich Chicago’s vibrant cultural scene.

In summary, Chicago’s rise in the rankings underscores its enduring appeal as a city that blends economic vitality with cultural richness, cementing its status as a premier destination for both residents and visitors alike.

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