Des Moines Doctor Sues Iowa Board of Medicine for Investigative File Access

The Iowa Board of Medicine oversees the medical profession in Iowa as part of the Iowa Department of Inspections, Appeals, and Licensing.

A doctor from Des Moines, Dr. Hamza Alsayouf, is suing the Iowa Board of Medicine because they won’t give him access to their investigative files about him.

Dr. Alsayouf claims that on February 29, 2024, the board’s staff sent him a message about some criminal allegations that supposedly happened in another country. He says he told the board he doesn’t know anything about these allegations and asked them to share their investigative file with him so he can respond properly.

However, the board’s executive director refused to give him the file, leading Dr. Alsayouf to seek help from the court. He says that if the board decides to charge him with something, they would then give him the full file.

Dr. Alsayouf argues that not having access to this information makes it hard for him to take part in the investigation process. He wants the court to make the board give him the whole file and to stop the board from taking any further action against him until he gets the file.

His lawyer, Mike Sellers, explained in court documents that the board asked Dr. Alsayouf to only request the information he needs to respond to their inquiries. But Sellers argues that Dr. Alsayouf can’t ask for specific things if he doesn’t know what exists. He just wants to see everything the board has on him.

Sellers also disagrees with the board’s claim that they can share some information but don’t have to give everything unless they file charges. He says this approach doesn’t allow Dr. Alsayouf to properly participate in the investigation process.

The board, in their response, argues that giving out the investigative file before any discipline is decided could affect their ability to investigate complaints properly.

A court hearing on this issue is scheduled for September 19.

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