Exploring Illinois Most Untouched Abandoned Prison!

Ever pondered what secrets lie behind the walls of a deserted prison? Contemplate the mysteries concealed within the cells, corridors, and courtyards of a facility that once housed infamous criminals. For those seeking an adventure that tests nerves and piques curiosity, a visit to one of America’s most untouched abandoned prisons beckons—the Joliet Correctional Center in Illinois.

Constructed in 1858, the Joliet Correctional Center, also known as the Old Joliet Prison, stands as a massive limestone fortress that served until 2002. Over its 144-year history, this imposing structure bore witness to riots, murders, escapes, and executions. Attaining cultural prominence, it featured in films like The Blues Brothers, Prison Break, and Saw II. Now a decaying relic succumbing to nature and vandalism, it remains a captivating and eerie site, inviting exploration into the history, architecture, and alleged paranormal activity of this erstwhile penitentiary.

Exploring the Old Joliet Prison

Situated in Joliet, Illinois, approximately 40 miles southwest of Chicago, the Old Joliet Prison isn’t open to the general public. However, enthusiasts can embark on a guided tour organized by the Joliet Area Historical Museum, the custodian of the site. Tours, ranging from historical and haunted to photography and guard-focused, can be booked in advance online or by phone. Running from April to October, these tours, which cost between $20 and $75 per person, promise an immersive experience. Further details can be found on the museum’s website.

What to Anticipate During the Tour

Guided tours delve into the heart of the prison, offering glimpses of the main gate, administration building, chapel, hospital, solitary confinement cells, death row, execution chamber, and more. Notably, visitors encounter the famed cell block from The Blues Brothers.

The guide weaves tales of the prison’s history, sharing anecdotes about inmates, staff, and its unique culture. Paranormal enthusiasts may revel in reported ghostly activities such as voices, footsteps, shadows, and apparitions. Some tours even provide opportunities to utilize ghost hunting equipment, including EMF meters, EVP recorders, and thermal cameras.

Tour durations range from one to three hours, contingent on the chosen type. Comfortable attire and footwear are essential due to uneven terrain and dilapidated buildings. Adhering to safety instructions and rules, including a prohibition on touching or removing anything from the site, is crucial. Smoking, drinking, or drug use is strictly forbidden. While photography and videography are permitted, respecting the privacy and property of neighboring residents and businesses is imperative.

Reasons to Explore the Old Joliet Prison

A visit to the Old Joliet Prison promises an unforgettable experience, providing insight into a dark chapter of Illinois’ history. The site allows visitors to sense the atmosphere of a place that once contained some of the nation’s most dangerous criminals.

Appreciation for the prison’s architectural beauty, reflecting 19th-century Gothic and Romanesque styles, is another highlight. Encounters with alleged paranormal entities add an extra layer of intrigue. Whether drawn by historical curiosity, cinematic interest, or a fascination with the supernatural, the Old Joliet Prison offers a unique and thrilling adventure.

In Conclusion

The Old Joliet Prison stands as one of America’s most untouched abandoned prisons, offering a compelling and eerie destination in Illinois. It provides a rare opportunity to explore a historical and cultural landmark that played a pivotal role in shaping the lives of thousands. This adventure challenges both senses and courage, promising the unexpected around every corner. If a distinctive and exciting day awaits, consider booking a tour of the Old Joliet Prison—it’s an experience that won’t disappoint!

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