Georgia Residents Warned: FBI Alerts Public to Jury Duty Phone Scam

Residents in Georgia are currently being targeted by a telephone scam linked to jury duty, as cautioned by officials from the Atlanta Division of the FBI.

In this scheme, individuals are falsely notified of their alleged failure to fulfill jury duty obligations, with scammers attempting to coerce them into providing money, officials warn.

Posing as law enforcement officers or court officials, the fraudulent callers claim that the targeted individual did not report for jury duty and may resort to threats of legal action or imprisonment.

Victims are pressured to swiftly pay a fine to evade supposed arrest, with scammers illicitly soliciting sensitive payment information or other personal details.

Furthermore, victims may be directed to obtain prepaid cards, like Green Dot cards or gift cards, for payment purposes, officials highlight.

Some victims have reported scammers going to great lengths to appear authentic, providing details such as titles and badge numbers of genuine law enforcement officers, names of federal judges, and accurate courtroom addresses.

Officials also warn of scammers employing “spoofing” techniques to manipulate displayed phone numbers, making calls seem to originate from legitimate courts or government agencies.

In the event of encountering such a scam via phone or email, authorities strongly advise against disclosing personal information, credit card details, prepaid cards, or money.

Officials emphasize that courts do not contact prospective jurors by phone for money or personal information, reiterating that notifications for failing to appear for jury duty come via U.S. Mail.

Individuals targeted by this scam are urged to report the incident to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at, providing a description of the caller and any available caller ID information.

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