Juice Wrld Ex-Girlfriend: Who Is Starfire?

Juice Wrld, a highly talented and influential artist, gained fame through hits like “Lucid Dreams” and “All Girls Are the Same” but tragically passed away at the age of 21 due to an accidental drug overdose in December 2019.

This left behind a massive fan base and a musical legacy. Before Ally Lotti, another significant figure in Juice Wrld’s life was Starfire, his ex-girlfriend, whose real name is Alexia Smith. They were together for about a year in 2018, and she served as inspiration for some of his songs, including “Love You Always (Starfire)” and “My Fault.”

How Starfire and Juice Wrld Met

Starfire and Juice Wrld first connected through social media, with Juice Wrld initiating the conversation on Instagram. After chatting online, they decided to meet in person, and Starfire flew from Los Angeles to Chicago.

Their connection was immediate, and they officially began dating in 2018. Starfire, a model and aspiring singer, shared Juice Wrld’s passion for music and supported his career. She even moved in with him in Chicago, where they lived together for a period.

The Breakup

Despite their initial connection, Starfire and Juice Wrld’s relationship became tumultuous and toxic, marked by arguments, fights, and allegations of infidelity. Starfire claimed Juice Wrld cheated on her multiple times and accused him of mistreatment and abuse.

Juice Wrld, in turn, denied these allegations, stating that Starfire broke his heart by leaving him for another man. The exact details of their breakup remain unclear, but it occurred in late 2018, after a year of dating.

Starfire’s Post-Breakup Life

After parting ways with Juice Wrld, Starfire focused on her modeling and singing career. She shared aspects of her life on Instagram, posting photos and songs. She also dated other men, seemingly moving forward. However, Juice Wrld’s death in December 2019 deeply affected Starfire, who expressed her grief on social media, sharing old photos and videos and penning a heartfelt tribute.

Facing backlash from some of Juice Wrld’s fans who blamed her for his death, Starfire defended herself, asserting that she was honoring his memory rather than seeking attention. She faced challenges from accusations and negativity, prompting her to make her Instagram account private and delete her Twitter account. Since January 2020, she has maintained a low profile, and her current status and whereabouts are unknown.

In the hope that she finds peace and happiness, we extend our wishes to Starfire for her healing journey.

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