Most People have Forgotten about this Abandoned Place in Indiana

Ever pondered the fate of a city grappling with the collapse of its primary industry? How do residents endure the loss of jobs, income, and opportunities? Witness the haunting transformation of Gary, Indiana – once a thriving metropolis, now reduced to a ghost town.

The Ascent and Decline of Gary

Founded in 1906 as a company town for the United States Steel Corporation, Gary flourished, drawing in immigrants and migrants from across the globe. Boasting a peak population of over 178,000 by mid-century, Gary ranked as Indiana’s second-largest city. A cultural hub with a vibrant nightlife, it nurtured talents like Michael Jackson, Freddie Gibbs, Karl Malden, and Avery Brooks.

However, Gary’s prosperity hinged on the steel industry, which faltered in the 1960s due to global competition, automation, and environmental regulations. The city’s population plummeted, succumbing to social ills such as poverty, crime, racism, and corruption, earning it a reputation as one of the nation’s most dangerous and impoverished cities.

Abandoned Landmarks of Gary

As the population dwindled and the economy crumbled, Gary’s once-majestic structures succumbed to neglect. The city now stands as a testament to decay, with abandoned houses, schools, churches, hospitals, and factories dotting the landscape. Some notable sites include:

  • City Methodist Church: A grand Gothic-style church abandoned in 1975 after a fire. Urban explorers now frequent this once-majestic structure.
  • Gary Post Office: A massive 1936 building left to decay since the 1970s, now marred by trash, graffiti, and mold.
  • Ambassador Apartments: Once luxurious residences for steel mill managers, abandoned in 1985 and stripped bare, exposed to the elements.
  • Palace Theatre: A 1925 entertainment venue, abandoned in 1972 after a tragic incident. Today, it stands as a mere shell of its former glory.

Prospects for Gary’s Revival

Despite its bleak state, Gary holds onto hope. Efforts are underway to revitalize the city, including:

  • Gary/Chicago International Airport Expansion: A $174 million project to enhance facilities and capacity, promising job creation and increased revenue.
  • Hard Rock Casino: A joint venture set to open in 2022, offering a hotel, concert venue, sportsbook, and dining options, aiming to boost tourism and entertainment.
  • Gary Preservation Tour: Organized by Decay Devils, this tour sheds light on Gary’s history and culture, exploring iconic abandoned places like the City Methodist Church and the Gary Post Office.

In Conclusion

Gary, Indiana, embodies both the zenith and nadir of the American dream. Once a symbol of industrial might and cultural diversity, it now stands as a haunting testament to urban decay. However, with a rich history, resilient spirit, and ongoing revitalization efforts, Gary is not a lost cause. For those seeking adventure and a lesson in resilience, a visit to Gary may reveal a forgotten city on the brink of transformation.

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