Most People Have Forgotten About This Abandoned Place in Iowa

If you are looking for a place to explore the history and mystery of Iowa, you might want to visit the abandoned ruins of Bagley School. This old school building, located in the small town of Bagley in Guthrie County, was once a bustling center of education and community. Now, it stands as a headless and haunted reminder of the past.

The History of Bagley School

Bagley School was built in the early 1900s and served as a public school for elementary and high school students until the 1960s. The school had a large auditorium, a gymnasium, a library, and several classrooms. It also had a bell tower that rang out for all to hear.

The school was closed in the 1960s due to declining enrollment and consolidation with other districts. The building was then sold to a private owner, who turned it into a residence. However, the owner did not maintain the property well, and the townspeople complained about its deteriorating condition.

In 2012, a blizzard caused the roof of the school to collapse, leaving the upper floor exposed to the elements. The owner refused to demolish the building or pay for its restoration, and the town had no legal authority to intervene. The school became an eyesore and a safety hazard for the community.

The Mystery of Bagley School

Despite its dilapidated state, Bagley School still attracts curious visitors and urban explorers who want to see what lies inside the ruins. Some of them have reported seeing and hearing strange things, such as bats, books, and bells.

The lower floor of the school is mostly dark and damp, with mold and rot covering the walls and floors. The upper floor is bright and airy, but also full of debris and decay. The sun shines through the holes in the roof, creating eerie shadows and patterns. The wind whistles through the broken windows, making the bell tower sway and creak.

Some visitors have claimed to hear the sound of the bell ringing, even though it has been silent for decades. Others have claimed to see books and papers flying around, as if someone or something was trying to read them. Some have even claimed to feel a cold and hostile presence, as if they were not welcome in the school.

The Future of Bagley School

The fate of Bagley School is uncertain, as the owner still refuses to sell or demolish the property. The town has no funds or plans to restore or preserve the building, and the state has no interest or jurisdiction over the site. The school remains a source of controversy and curiosity for the locals and outsiders alike.

Some people hope that the school will be saved and turned into a museum or a cultural center, honoring its history and heritage. Others hope that the school will be torn down and replaced with something new and useful, improving the town’s image and economy. Still others hope that the school will be left alone, preserving its mystery and charm.

Whatever the future holds, Bagley School is a fascinating and forgotten place in Iowa that deserves to be seen and remembered. It is a place where history and mystery collide, creating a unique and unforgettable experience for those who dare to visit.

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