Most People have Forgotten about this Abandoned Place in Missouri

Embark on a chilling adventure in Missouri by visiting the Lemp Brewery, one of the most haunted abandoned locations in the state. Once a thriving hub for the famous Falstaff beer, the brewery carries a dark legacy of tragedies and suicides that have left the premises with an eerie atmosphere. Join me in unraveling the haunting tale of the Lemp family, their prosperous brewery, and the lingering ghosts said to inhabit the site.

The Rise and Fall of the Lemp Empire

Founded by German immigrant Johann Adam Lemp in 1838, the Lemp Brewery initially dabbled in vinegar and beer sales. Discovering an ideal cave system for lagering, Lemp shifted focus to brewing, and by 1840, a large brewery stood above the caves. Upon Johann’s death in 1862, his son, William J. Lemp, inherited the business.

William expanded the brewery, making it one of the nation’s largest, and built a mansion adjacent to it. Despite his success, personal tragedies struck with the death of his favorite son, Frederick, in 1901, and his close friend Frederick Pabst in 1904. Overcome with grief, William took his own life on February 13, 1904, shooting himself in his bedroom.

William J. Lemp Jr. assumed control after his father’s death, leading a flamboyant lifestyle marked by extravagant parties and affairs. The brewery faced challenges during Prohibition, and financial issues led William Jr. to follow in his father’s footsteps, ending his life with a self-inflicted gunshot in 1922. The brewery was subsequently sold at a fraction of its value.

Tragedy continued to afflict the Lemp family, with suicides and troubled ends for the remaining children. The mansion became a boarding house, and the brewery’s decline persisted.

The Paranormal Activity at the Lemp Brewery

Today, the Lemp Brewery and Mansion draw tourists and paranormal enthusiasts alike. Reports of eerie occurrences include sightings of apparitions, mysterious voices, footsteps, chilling spots, and objects moving on their own. Some prominent ghostly figures include:

  • The spectral presence of William J. Lemp Sr. in his bedroom and hallway.
  • William J. Lemp Jr.’s ghost in his office and the basement.
  • Elsa Lemp Wright’s apparition in her bedroom and the dining room.
  • Charles Lemp’s ghost in his room and the attic.
  • William Lemp III’s lingering spirit in the attic and the third floor.
  • Lavina, William Jr.’s alleged mistress, haunting the basement.
  • The ghost of a young girl in the nursery.

The Conclusion

The Lemp Brewery offers a captivating blend of history and paranormal intrigue. Explore the rise and fall of a once-powerful family and encounter the spirits said to still inhabit the site. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, thrill-seeker, or ghost hunter, the Lemp Brewery promises an enthralling experience. Just proceed with caution, as disturbing the restless souls may bring unforeseen consequences.

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