U.S. Cities with the Most Black-Owned Businesses

In the vibrant tapestry of American entrepreneurship, Black-owned businesses are carving out significant spaces across the country. According to a recent survey by LendingTree, several cities are standout destinations where Black entrepreneurs are thriving and making substantial economic impacts.

Atlanta: A Leader in Diversity and Business

Atlanta shines as the premier city for Black-owned businesses in the U.S., a distinction it has held for two consecutive years. The metropolitan area boasts an impressive 10,689 Black-owned enterprises, a testament to the city’s supportive environment for entrepreneurship.

Despite challenges in resource accessibility, with only 8.8% of business owners being Black despite a large African American population, organizations like the Atlanta Black Chambers and the Atlanta Business League are pivotal in fostering growth.

Notable businesses like Tyler Perry Studios, The Slutty Vegan, God Is Dope, and 44th and 3rd Booksellers underscore Atlanta’s role as a cultural and economic powerhouse.

Washington, D.C.: Celebrating a Legacy of Innovation

Known affectionately as Chocolate City, Washington, D.C. ranks second nationally for Black-owned businesses, with 8,768 enterprises enriching its landscape. Historically named for its majority Black population, the city continues to be a center of Black entrepreneurial excellence.

Iconic establishments like Busboys and Poets, Oohh’s and Aahh’s soul food restaurant, and The Sweet Lobby highlight D.C.’s commitment to supporting local businesses and preserving its cultural heritage.

Memphis: Where Music Meets Enterprise

Memphis secures its place as the third city with a robust Black-owned business presence, boasting 1,209 establishments. Beyond its renowned musical legacy, Memphis nurtures a deep-rooted tradition of Black entrepreneurship.

Notable among them is Tri-State Bank, a cornerstone of the community since 1946, standing proudly amidst a growing ecosystem of local businesses on Elvis Presley Boulevard.

Augusta, Georgia: Cultivating Entrepreneurial Spirit

Tied with Memphis, Augusta emerges as a rising star with 579 Black-owned businesses. Despite its smaller scale, Augusta embraces diversity and innovation, exemplified by recent milestones such as the launch of its first Black-owned brewery by a Navy veteran. This underscores Augusta’s dedication to fostering inclusive growth and supporting minority entrepreneurs.

These cities exemplify the dynamic landscape of Black-owned businesses in America, each contributing uniquely to their communities and beyond. As Black entrepreneurship continues to flourish, these cities stand as beacons of success, resilience, and cultural pride in the business world.

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