U.S. Secret Service Warns New Yorkers of Rising Romance Scams Targeting All Demographics

Romance scams present a deceitful scheme where individuals feign romantic interest online to manipulate others into divulging personal information or sending money. Recently, the U.S. Secret Service cautioned New York residents about the escalating prevalence of these scams, emphasizing that they can target individuals irrespective of age, gender, or financial status.

Understanding Romance Scams:

Romance scams entail online deception through fabricated profiles and stories aimed at ensnaring unsuspecting victims into false intimacy. Perpetrators often pose as foreigners, individuals working abroad, or military personnel, employing various excuses to evade in-person meetings or video calls. They may employ gestures like sending gifts or flowers to foster a sense of special connection.

Their ultimate objective is to extract money or personal information from victims, often under the guise of emergencies, travel expenses, medical bills, or business ventures. Additionally, they may coerce victims into divulging sensitive details like bank accounts, credit cards, passwords, or social security numbers, sometimes resorting to blackmail tactics with compromising materials.

These scams can persist for extended periods, with victims suffering substantial financial losses, identity theft, or emotional distress.

Avoiding Romance Scams in New York:

To mitigate the risk of falling victim to romance scams, exercise caution and vigilance, particularly in online interactions with unfamiliar individuals. Watch out for red flags such as excessively rapid or intense declarations of love, inconsistencies or vagueness regarding personal details, requests to switch communication platforms for increased privacy, reluctance to engage in video calls or in-person meetings, solicitations for money or personal information, and attempts to isolate victims from their support networks.

If you notice any of these warning signs, cease communication with the individual, block them, and report the incident to the relevant platform or authorities. By promptly taking these steps, you can safeguard yourself and others from potential harm.

Reporting a Romance Scam in New York:

If you suspect you’ve encountered a romance scam or know someone who has, swift reporting is crucial. You can report such incidents to:

  • The U.S. Secret Service: Contact the New York Field Office at (212) 637-2100 or visit their website at www.secretservice.gov.
  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC): File a complaint online at www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov or call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357).
  • The New York State Attorney General: File a complaint online at www.ag.ny.gov or call 1-800-771-7755.
  • The New York State Police: Contact the NYSIC at 1-866-SAFE-NYS (1-866-723-3697) or visit their website at www.nysic.ny.gov.


Romance scams pose a significant threat to individuals engaging in online dating or social networking platforms. With the U.S. Secret Service issuing a warning, New York residents must stay vigilant and informed to evade falling prey to such fraudulent schemes. By promptly recognizing and reporting suspicious activity, individuals can protect themselves and others from the detrimental consequences of these scams.

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